Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Golarion Calendar Excel Sheet

This is a spreadsheet calendar for the Pathfinder RPG. It has its own page now because it's the most consistently popular post on my blog. Glad so many people have found it useful!

Specifically this is the Absalom Reckoning(AR) calendar. The user should have as many options available to them as the Golarion setting allows. There are many details that the canon books don't touch upon(phases of the moon, etc), but are necessary to establish to complete a calendar. Where possible I avoided hard coding such things.

On the main sheet you can change:
  • the year, which defaults to 4711 AR, the current year in the Pathfinder universe
  • the weekday that the AR calendar starts on(1 Abadius, 1 AR), default Moonday
  • how often leap years occur, default 8. This one is specified in the canon but there's good reason to change it.
  • Moon cycles, how often and when they start
There is also an 'Events' sheet that allows changing or adding events and holidays to the calendar.

Edit: I've fixed the bugs with modifying phases of the moon and have moved the related options into the main page. The time between lunar months is set to 29.5 days, with the first full moon of 1 AR occurring on 1st of Abadius.
Edit: Quarter moon phases can now be tracked as events in the Events sheet by referencing a 'phase chart' in the CORE sheet. These changes have not been migrated to the Office version, which still contains a moon phase bug.

There is a special font used for displaying the Moon Phases
Download: MOONT.TTF

Excel 2003(OpenOffice Calc compatible)


  1. Fantastic... Only wish the day squares were bigger... Or you could do a week display so that I had more room to write things down about what happened that day.

    Any new update?

  2. Thanks Matthew, glad you like it. Are you writing on printed paper or in the excel cells? That may effect how I modify it. And what size paper if that's the case.

  3. Just found this calendar today. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A truly excellent sheet. I am starting up a Kingmaker campaign and this is definitely going to help.

    Thank you for creating & sharing.

  5. Wonderful sheet! I'll use in my Kingmaker campaign.
    Is there any way to match the moon phases with the new moon calendar in Blood of the Moons?

    Thanks for this creation!

  6. Thanks everybody. Tempo, I don't have Blood of the Moon so I don't know exactly. How different is the New Moon Calendar?

  7. The new moon calendar list only 4713 AR, showing moon phases per month and also the week day. It also list the proper name for the full moons of every month (Abadius - Long Moon; Calistril - Fated Moon, Pharast - Rebirth moon, etc)

  8. You can have the proper names for moons by adding them as events in the Events tab. This is done already for Abadius(It's called longnight in The Inner Sea World Guide).

    Go into the Events tab and look at Abadius as an example. In the '#' column it links to the 'First Full Moon' column for Abadius in the CORE tab (=CORE!F16)
    To do this for Calistril you would use (=CORE!F17),
    Pharast (=CORE!F18) etc.

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by 'moon phases per month and also the week day'

    Hope that helps.

  9. Sorry, my first language is not English, mine mistake.
    I meant that the calendar shows the phase of the moon with the number of the day and the in the week (Moonday, Toilday, ... ) eg (Abadius 4 Fireday lastquarter)
    I made the 4 Abadius a Fireday, but i'm not able to made it in the lastquarter moon, and all the others correspondences. I think it depends of the value of Days in a Lunar Month and First Full Moon Occurance in 1 AR*
    I'm using openoffice if it can help.

    Thank for your help
    By the way, I think longnight it's the name of the night, and long moon is the name of the moon for that particular night :)

  10. That will require some difficult changes to CORE, though it is possible.
    However I have noticed a significant bug, 'First Full Moon Occurrance' does not function exactly as it is supposed to. When I fix this I will add the ability to also name the moon quarters.

  11. These new change have been added to the excel version. I'll update again when I can put them in Office Calc too. Thank for showing interest Tempo, I've been able to improve the calendar.